HA + Frigate and Reolink WiFi cams - how to avoid ffmpeg crashes (

If you use Reolink wifi cams via the Frigate integration in homeassistant, you may be used to seeing tons of "ffmpeg has crashed unexpectedly" in your frigate logs. I have 3 older reolink wifi cams in frigate (510WA, 511WA) which most in the community seems to advise against and indeed since I've been running frigate, while they...

MEGATHREAD for fully FOSS lemmy apps without any ads, tracking or any other anti features.

If any app ( regardless of the platform they are in ) you know of that is fully FOSS and doesn't have any ads , tracking or any other anti features that didn't make the list it is a mistake and you can dm me and i will add it. The same goes for apps that are not really FOSS or have anti features , Even though i have tried my...

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