As lemmy is a Foss and privacy respecting platform built on that ethics and morals it is only right the clients following those morals should be the most promoted and used. In the past you may have needed proprietry apps or tools but the need is no more as more foss apps and tools that can cater to everyones taste for all...

Community for all Foss lemmy apps and tools .

This lemmy apps and toolscommunity was abandoned and i am reopening it but with a change it is now only for Foss and privacy respecting ones. You can discuss , reccomend , ask questions , promote ,crosspost etc. about lemmy apps and tools which are foss :

Faster backup solution?

I use Beyond Compare to sync files from my laptop to my NAS which is a QNAP (my laptop is Linux Mint). It is incredibly slow, to the point that it is driving me crazy. Admittedly, I have lots of large files on my laptop that I move around frequently, so that may just be how it is. I do have my laptop setup to sync to my phone...

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