Microsoft Planning Starfield Launch for PS5 | Game Mess Mornings 02/05/24 (also other Microsoft games heading multiplatform) (

This show is an aggregator of news stories normally, sometimes with original reporting from Jeff Grubb. In today's edition, Grubb brought in stories reporting that Starfield and Indiana Jones are in Microsoft's talks for PlayStation releases, with Indiana Jones being looked at for some time down the road after initial launch....

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 - Extended Gameplay Reveal (

You know how in the early 2000s, a lot of PC games got sequels on consoles, and players complained that they removed complexity from the game to make it work on consoles? This feels like that. I don't see anything here about quests, skills, character sheets, or different ways to solve problems depending on your character's...

YSK : Moral values of being nice, forgiving and generosity are justified by game theory to be successful strategies (

Prisoner's dilemma is a problem commonly featured in game theory. Each player is given an option to be either nice or nasty. Each combination of player plays multiple number of rounds. When tested against different strategies, it is found that the best performing strategies are :...

Watch electricity hit a fork in the road at half a billion frames per second (

In this video, I measure a wave of electricity traveling down a wire, and answer the question - how does electricity know where to go? How does "electricity" "decide" where electrons should be moving in wires, and how long does that process take? Spoiler alert - very fast!...

How Many Planets in Our Solar System? Glad You Asked! -- How Astronomy Knew 6 Planets, Then Found 20 More, Then Went Back To 8 (For Now) (

This is from the 37th Chaos Communication Congress, still ongoing y'all might find other things of interests there, e.g. sticking with looking at stars the talk about the Extremely Large Telescope. Congress schedule, live streams, relive and released videos (i.e. final cuts not the automatic relive stuff which is often quite...

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