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Z-wave or Zigbee inline cord switch?

I have a bit of an unusual application for a controllable switch. I have a small accent lamp on my bedside stand that runs on mains power and uses an inline switch on the cord to control a 25W bulb. The lamp is one of those salt lamps that throws a warm, candlelight-like light which is great for nighttime lighting. I use it in...

Comparison of data from SHT30 and DS18B20 temp sensors (via Tasmota / HomeAssistant) (lemmy.world)

The DS18B20 (on a Feather Huzzah) seems to miss some rapid changes that the SHT30 (on a D1 mini shield) reports, even though TelePeriod=60 for both. The DS18B20 does seem to report changes within 60s of each other sometimes so I think we’re just seeing duplicate values elided, which I do expect....

Tasmota with OpenHab or similar

Greetings, internet strangers. I just got a Martin Jerry Tasmota smart switch and would like to connect it to OpenHab or something similar. I have ruled out HomeAssistant because their docker image doesn’t have plugin support and I need to run it on an existing Debian 12 server. I know a little bit about mqtt but not much. If...

Hass templating compound logical operators (lemmy.world)

I’m working in the template editor, and if I use the ‘and’ operator, an entity disappears. I finally found/guessed a working combination but I can’t find any examples to see the right combo of operators and parenthesis. HA tells you to look at jinja docs, jinja literally says “There is not an awful lot to talk about...

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