Hello_there ,

This guy seems like he's spent several weeks figuring out this stuff so he didn't have to remember to close the door or hit the light switch.
Good he is enjoying himself, but smart home stuff has to offer something more beneficial than that to get people interested.

TheInsane42 ,
@TheInsane42@lemmy.world avatar

I'm still using rf433, but zigbee is on the wishlist.

aniki ,

I've never had an issue with my ZWave stuff, ever. I love that it's an independent wireless standard that's not beholden to my network.

JustEnoughDucks ,
@JustEnoughDucks@feddit.nl avatar

As devil's advocate, I have had loads of trouble with only 3 devices.

For example, my Fibaro smart CO meter absolutely killed itself after 3 weeks of use, draining 100% battery in 2 days with 0 human interaction.

In theory it is good, but many devices are absolute shitty trash (especially for a safety device) at 4x the cost of ZigBee.

Bakkoda ,
@Bakkoda@sh.itjust.works avatar

I've had 0 issues with wired zwave gear and nothing but problems with battery powered stuff. I haven't tried any battery powered shit in a while to be fair though.

aniki ,

Yeah I use ZWave for all the in-wall dimmers and switches. I have a zwave 4in1 sensor that has always been rock solid too but that's the only one battery powered. even more than the zigbee stuff.

AtHeartEngineer ,
@AtHeartEngineer@lemmy.world avatar

Ugh, I can relate. My buddy was recommending zwave for years and I ignored him because I got annoyed setting up one of the old USB dongles. The new ones are way better and zwave/zigbee is great.

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