HerbalGamer ,
@HerbalGamer@sh.itjust.works avatar

My dad does clay pigeon shooting in the netherlands and they had to stop using lead 20 years ago.

Death_Equity ,

Indoor ranges get checked for lead exposure for staff, who are exposed to far more lead dust than customers. Unless the ventilation system is not adequate, lead exposure is not an issue at indoor gun ranges.

Source: Worked in a gun range that was over 40 years old.

Anticorp ,

And even outdoor ranges sometimes have large ventilation fans that blow across the firing lane.

Source: I go target shooting at one.

Enk1 ,

Most ammunition, especially ammo used at a range, are copper jacketed. There is no exposure to lead when handling most ammo.

HikingVet ,

Copper slugs preform just as well or better than lead slugs. The only draw back is cost.

The way your comment is worded says you don't know shit about firearms.

surewhynotlem OP ,

Which part? Is there no lead exposure from firing guns?

HikingVet ,

Not enough to be concerned about.

sxan ,
@sxan@midwest.social avatar

There's no lead in gunpowder. Much anno is jacketted in copper, or is solid copper. So the only time there'd be lead exposure from firing a gun is if you were fring lead bullets, and even then you're exposed to tiny amounts.

What the EU is concerned about is soil contamination. The folks shooting the guns don't have to worry about it, but thousands of people shooting millions of rounds, some percent of which have lead that gets exposed when the bullet hits something, and that's all going into the soil... that's an environmental hazard. It's also a little more of a worry for indoor ranges, but I haven't seen one in the US that didn't have positive pressure air filtration in years, so it's not an issue there, either.

HotDogFingies ,
@HotDogFingies@kbin.social avatar

How dare they ask questions to find out more 🙄

Pietson ,

The way your comment is worded says you don’t know shit about firearms

Not sure why you felt the need to add this. If he did know more then he wouldn't have needed to ask.

BruceTwarzen ,

The gun nut defence. You don't know anything about gums, therefore you don't have a say in the matter.

Anticorp ,

Most people on this platform don't.

Fizz ,
@Fizz@lemmy.nz avatar

No I doubt the lead is doing noticeable damage.

einfach_orangensaft ,

Lead exposure from leaded gasoline gave us modern merica.

fuckwit_mcbumcrumble ,

2 Factor Authentication?

me66 ,

I'm a Two Factor Auth supporter, but I don't feel particularly angry at the moment...

LinkOpensChest_wav ,
@LinkOpensChest_wav@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

As a 2FA supporter, I get a bit addled when the time sync isn't working properly and my discord login won't accept the code

Big_Boss_77 ,
@Big_Boss_77@kbin.social avatar

You've never had to support the implementation of 2fa in an office full of corporate workers then?

surewhynotlem OP ,

Oops. Force of habit. Fixed

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