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Senegal cuts internet again amid widening crackdown on dissent (

Senegal cut mobile internet access on Tuesday ahead of a banned march against the postponement of a presidential election, and rights groups accused the authorities of using overly repressive tactics to stifle widespread opposition to the delay.The abrupt postponement of the Feb. 25 vote to December has plunged Senegal into...

EU lawmakers ratify political deal on artificial intelligence rules (

Two key groups of lawmakers at the European Parliament on Tuesday ratified a provisional agreement on landmark artificial intelligence rules ahead of a vote by the legislative assembly in April that will pave the way for the world's first legislation on the technology....

Hungarian president resigns over sex abuse case pardon (

Hungarian President Katalin Novak resigned on Saturday after coming under mounting pressure for pardoning a man convicted of helping to cover up sexual abuse in a children's home. Novak, a close ally of conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban, resigned a week after her presidential pardon was first reported by local news site...

Ethiopian prime minister dismisses reports of famine deaths (

Almost 400 have died of starvation in Ethiopia’s Tigray and Amhara regions in recent months. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed dismissed reports saying people were dying of hunger in his country, but allowed that people "may have died" due to malnutrition-associated illnesses....

PAPERWALL: Chinese Websites Posing as Local News Outlets Target Global Audiences with Pro-Beijing Content - The Citizen Lab (

A network of at least 123 websites operated from within the People’s Republic of China while posing as local news outlets in 30 countries across Europe, Asia, and Latin America, disseminates pro-Beijing disinformation and ad hominem attacks within much larger volumes of commercial press releases. We name this campaign...

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