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This. Was excellent.

“Pundits suggest replacing President Biden as the Democratic nominee because they don’t understand the job of the presidency or how conventions work. Lawrence O’Donnell gives a history lesson in governing in the age of television.”

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@GottaLaff This is extremely condescending and myopic. I don't even disagree, but this reminds me very strongly of the pundits chortling at the thought that Trump might win the Republican primary, to say nothing of the general.

The actual fantasy at work here is that politics in the 21st century operates by precedent. If you don't know already how wrong that is, I... well, you'll be learning a lot of lessons, I suspect.

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@GottaLaff He lived it, it's his DNA.

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“A number of Americans are dealing with cellular outages on AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Verizon, T-Mobile and other service providers, according to data from Downdetector.

So far no reason given for the outages”

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If it really is AT&T at the core of the problem. I'd guess either a hack or a deployment of some new software/patch.

Maybe code to handle the upcoming leap day. 😆

Whatever it is I'm wifi only at the moment and the 2FA codes over text are a pain-in-my-ass.

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@GottaLaff still down for me in Boston

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More via Lisa Rubin:

NEW: 's lawyers, angry that Judge Engoron is apparently not going to allow motion practice on reducing his opinion to a formal judgment, demands a 30-day stay of any entered judgment instead. Shocked.

As Trump begs to stay enforcement of the not-yet-entered judgment, the AG’s office responds, reminding the court that Trump et al. already asked for that relief—and the court declined. Settle this now, and start the clock, they insist.

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If he can't pay it, let me go ahead and start seizing buildings. He doesn't deserve even an iota of special treatment. He has had a lifetime of it. Time to pay up shithead.

_L1vY_ , avatar

@GottaLaff 👏🏻👏🏻

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Intel will make chips for Microsoft

"I want to manufacture every AI chip in the industry," says Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.

systemadminihater ,

@arstechnica GPUs really aren't the right type of chip to do AI

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@arstechnica we come to save the cooooOOOrps, taxpayer's Mighty Mou$e is on the wayyyYYY [again]...

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Days after ’s Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos are children, a second clinic pauses IVF treatment

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@GottaLaff Need Social Security numbers, become Tax Deductions, qualify for WIX food stamps and don’t need to wear seat belts.

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@GottaLaff Probably busy having restrooms added to respond to the additional occupancy they now have in the building. (1 per 15 as per Alabama Building Codes)

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AT&T outage leaves more than 70,000 phones without service

Cause of outage is unknown, but some suspect it's network-to-network "peering."

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@arstechnica Did they try turning it off and on again?

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Personally, I’m guessing it’s going to end up being one of these “Jimmy, our intern, was put in charge of a massive software update, and hit the 3 key instead of the 2….” stories but who knows and who knows what they will admit to

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👀 Via Emma Loop:

UPDATE: An odd wrinkle here...

The Teamsters reported the $45,000 donation to the FEC (link in story).

But the RNC has neither received a check from the union nor heard anything about the contribution coming, a source familiar says.

Waiting on an explanation from the union...

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@GottaLaff let’s hope it’s BS and they instead said they’d never give them money 😁

Lizette603_23 , avatar

@GottaLaff They've gone Dem for HOW many decades?

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Unvaccinated Florida kids exposed to measles can skip quarantine, officials say

On Tuesday, nearly 20 percent of the school's 1,067 students were reportedly absent.

18+ Frances_Larina , avatar


Now there's a man who knows exactly what he's doing.

And that's what scares me.

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@arstechnica @lisamelton do me a favor, if you see this gentleman in the street, cough on him. Some of us are likely to have an airborne disease that could inconvenience him.

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The question of what Trump does in a possible second term depends very heavily on who he puts into positions of power and how pervasively he does so.

RustyBertrand , avatar

@pbump The US lets criminals run for President.

Lizette603_23 , avatar

@pbump Now do what might happen after another inauguration of Joe Biden.

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Teamsters give GOP first major donation in years with $45,000 to RNC

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@JanisKay I don’t get it!

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@GottaLaff What the Fxxk?

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Google’s hidden AI diversity prompts lead to outcry over historically inaccurate images

Inserting depictions of diversity into AI images creates revisionist history, critics say.

ids1024 , avatar

@arstechnica "medieval British kings with unlikely nationalities" - To be fair, "British" is also an unlikely nationality for a medieval British king.

If you want the model to be accurate, fighting bias by telling it to have a different bias is probably not going to fix things. And there's no clear indication they'll be able to solve the actual problem any time soon.

SebastienK , avatar

@arstechnica Yeah like those historically inaccurate images of some dude named Jesus that are being spread already for centuries 🙄

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Via Adam Klasfeld:


does not have "any basis" to try to pause the enforcement of the ~$450 million judgment against him and his co-defendants, the New York AG's counsel tells the judge

GottaLaff OP , avatar

@krakalak Nope. Only rulings.

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@GottaLaff I suspect Trump is used to being able to pause his mortgage payments whenever he wanted to. I was told by a wealthy person I worked with, years before Trump ran for president, that Trump could skip mortgage payments without penalty and wouldn't it be nice if other people could do the same.

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That's some platform, GOP Fascist Party: "NO SEX FOR PLEASURE!" Should garner a whole lotta votes.


Via Adam Jentleson:

Highly influential heritage foundation, which would help staff & direct a future Trump admin, literally said that a key conserv policy goal is “ending recreational sex.” they said it, not me. IMO we should take them both seriously & literally

(Heritage quote in next toot)

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In recognition that sexual pleasure is a fundamental part of sexual rights, sexual health, and sexual well-being, the World Association for Sexual Health.


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Funny how “returning the consequentiality to sex” never seems to apply to the person with a penis.

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I've got ten reviews due in March, because I'm an out-of-control requester! @bookstodon Readers, you're about to be served a smorgasbord of great fiction this Spring. I will be very interested to know your favorite new releases as we go. 📚📚📚

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@kimlockhartga @bookstodon

Oh oh, I had not discovered the make lists feature.

kimlockhartga OP , avatar

@bloodravenlib @bookstodon I've created a monstrous new option!

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😏Via Elie Mystal:

Alabama: Embryos are babies.

Me: Oh, so we can't deport mothers carrying American citizens.

Alabama: Wait.

Me: Also dudes are on the hook for child support nine months earlier.

Alabama: No. Not like that!

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@GottaLaff ah yes, EXACTLY like that. Hit ‘em in the only place it hurts….their bank account!!

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@GottaLaff Travel anywhere for any purpose by the pregnant, if unaccompanied by the presumptive father, to be held in detention for suspicion of child abduction. /s

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