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gkpy OP ,

maybe my comment about gitlab didn't come across right. i do find oxide's model to be better and agree with their criticism of gitlab's.

and as much as you are absolutely right about labour being treated much like any other commodity required for a company to extract value, that is precisely the issue being pointed at here, isn't it?

we should differentiate and acknowledge that people are more complex than that. their experiment seems to create an atmosphere where work is being done despite compensation not being used as an incentive and instead to enable the worker to do the work.

i personally don't think this should be a responsibility of a company at all, but rather society (or the state) should assure these conditions... but we are stuck with capitalism and this is a step towards something better :)

gkpy ,

couldn’t agree with you more. it can’t be that hard to give us an opt-out of podcasts altogether. there’s been an item for that on their feature request forum for as long as podcasts in spotify are a thing

they just don’t want to

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